Make North Wilmington Pedestrian Friendly!

Progressive Health of Delaware is proud to support Wilmington Wheels & Walks (WWW).  We share their mission, to make our community more accessbile to pedestrians.  If we can enable people to open their front door and start walking or biking as part of their daily routine, it will greatly enhance the health of our patients and our community.

WWW is focused on many of the walking and biking unfriendly streets that are near to our practice in North Wilmington.  If/when they are successful and get the state to build more pedestrian and biking-friendly pathways, people could bike safely from our practice to the Delaware Greenway trail, among many other places!

How can you help?  
Write a letter in support of making our community more walkable/bikable, and send it to: 
WWW c/o Progressive Health of Delaware
3519 Silverside Road, Suite 200
Wilmington, DE 19810

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