Cure Diabetes

Cure Diabetes is a lifestyle medicine program designed to help people with adult-onset (type 2) diabetes.  The program was developed by David Donohue, MD FACP, and it has been in operation since November, 2016.
Our mission is to use the latest science to guide participants to the very most effective approach possible, to completely reverse their type 2 diabetes.

We present you with a scientifically backed plan for reversing your diabetes.  You are given a schedule, suggested menus, recipes, tips & tricks, secret ingredients, shopping lists, and lots of support.  We show the science backing up our approach, and we also connect you with moral support that many have found extremely helpful to make the changes.  The bottom line - after just 3 weeks of making the dietary change, participants usually feel better and see improvements in their weight, their blood pressure, and blood sugar.  Over time, we see diabetes improve and in many cases, vanish for good.

Cure Diabetes™consists of a set of 6 group visits, over 6 weeks.  After completing these 6 visits, you have graduated from the program.  You are encouraged to attend any of our monthly follow-up group sessions.

To participate in the Cure Diabetes program, you do not need to be a patient of our primary care practice.  Call 302-543-5454


We could not have developed this program without the help of the following luminaries.
Karen L. Smith, RD, who provided oversight for the redesign of the program.
Richard Bloomer, PhD, who offered extensive experience with his own 21-day dietary interventions, and advice on producing publishable research.
Erin Bishop and Kristine Crabill have offered much welcomed administrative support.

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