Friday, November 21, 2014

Live Long & Prosper Newsletter November 2014

This newsletter was compiled from the latest research on health and longevity, by David Donohue, MD, FACP.

1.   Lack of health insurance increases all cause and all cancer mortality in adults: an analysis of National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) data.
   "There was a 70% increase in risk of all cause death and almost 300% of all cancer death for people without any health insurance coverage". We need to be mindful that those who lack health insurance are in that unfortunate state because of some root causes, which also impact mortality rate. Namely, they tend to be of lower socioeconomic status, and they tend to be sicker. Because that is how the health insurers earn large bonuses - keep sicker, more expensive patients off the books. Let's hope this improves with the Affordable Care Act.
October 23, 2013

2.   Meat consumption and diet quality and mortality in NHANES III.
   This large study found no association between consumption of red or processed meat with mortality. Men who ate more white meat were in a category that had lower overall mortality. For women, white meat was not correlated with mortality.
October 24, 2013

3.   Calcium intake and serum concentration in relation to risk of cardiovascular death in NHANES III.
   You might have read that calcium pills might increase your risk of a heart attack. This study, looking at 1 particular large data set, found no association. However it did find that women with highest levels of calcium (upper 5%) have almost double the risk of heart disease.
October 25, 2013

1.   High-intensity interval training in patients with lifestyle-induced cardiometabolic disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
   High-intensity interval training "significantly increases CRF [Cardio-Respiratory Fitness] by almost double that of MICT [moderate-intensity continuous training] in patients with lifestyle-induced chronic diseases." So if you have high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, heart disease, then you might consider asking your doctor about switching from the occasional grind on the treadmill, to a program involving periods of high intensitiy activity. You will likely need to have a screening test to make sure your heart is up to it first though.
October 23, 2013

2.   Effect of increased fruit and vegetable consumption on physical function and muscle strength in older adults
   Since fruits and veggies are not protein sources, they might divert your diet from important protein sources (meat and dairy), right? This randomized trial showed that eating more fruits and veggies for 12 weeks actually increased grip strength, though the finding was not quite statistically significant. So we can infer at least that fruits and veggies do not make you weaker.
November 30, 2013

3.   Exercise: Putting Action into Our Epigenome.
   How do we prevent age-causing methylation of your genome? Exercise! "Six months of aerobic exercise alters whole-genome DNA methylation in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue"
October 29, 2013

1.   Moderate Physical Activity as Predictor of Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery
September 30, 2013

2.   Changes in fish consumption in midlife and the risk of coronary heart disease in men and women.
   "Our results suggest that increasing fish consumption to at least 2 servings per week in mid- or later life may lower CHD risk in women but not in men."
September 27, 2013

3.   Mortality among African American women with sarcoidosis: data from the Black Women's Health Study.
   Sarcoidosis kills. African American women with this disease have a 2.4 x risk of death compared with those who do not.
September 29, 2013

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Small Dermatology Procedures done in our Office!

Have a mole you're worried about?  Our physician assistants can take a look at it and remove it for you, if necessary.  Abbe Jackson, PA-C & Ashley Kontra, PA-C both had experience training in a dermatology office before starting at Progressive Health of Delaware.   Call us today if you have a mole you wanted checked!

Monday, November 3, 2014

High Dose Flu Vaccines Back in Stock

Our office did received some high dose flu vaccine last week and it's been going fast.  If you are over 65 years old, please come in soon for your high dose vaccine.  We have plenty of regular flu vaccines as well.  Stay healthy!

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