Monday, August 11, 2014

Live Long & Prosper Newsletter August 2014

This newsletter was compiled from the latest research on health and longevity, by David Donohue, MD, FACP.

1.   Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause mortality: a dose-response analysis.
   Study of Swedes and their fruit & vegetable (FV) intake: There was a dose-response effect, meaning the more FV eaten per day, the lower the death rate (up to a point). "Those who never consumed FV lived 3 y shorter and had a 53% higher mortality rate than did those who consumed 5 servings FV/d".
September 25, 2013

2.   A comparative study of phytochemical composition of genetically and non-genetically modified soybean (Glycine max L.) and evaluation of antitumor activity.
   Consumption of soy products is associated with lower rates of colon cancer, and this study found that non-GMO soybeans had higher concentrations of the putative anticancer compounds that they tested.
September 27, 2013

1.   The effect of selected lifestyle factors and diet on mortality of men with documented physical fitness in the city of Łódź
   Some interesting findings in men from Lodz, Poland: "The probability of death was more than fourfold higher in the case of individuals who eat "beef or pork meat", as compared to those who consumed these products rarely or never. On the other hand, the subjects who declared regular consumption of yellow cheese had nearly fourfold lower death probability. Current smoking was found to be a significant negative risk factor while moderate consumption of beer a protective one. The level of physical fitness ... did not significantly influence mortality."
September 22, 2013

2.   Infant Feeding in America: Enough to Break a Mother's Heart?
   Mothers to be, another reason to plan to breastfeed! "A growing body of literature indicates that mothers who prematurely discontinue lactation face increased risk of visceral adiposity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and subclinical cardiovascular disease, as well as cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Breastfeeding is not always easy, but neither is dieting, exercise, smoking cessation, or treating hypertension."
October 12, 2013

1.   Mortality in middle-aged men with obstructive sleep apnea in Finland
   Sleep apnea (OSA) kills. At least it kills middle aged Finnish men. "The overall mortality in the moderate to severe OSA group was 26.4 %, while in the normal group it was 9.7 %". If you are overweight and snore you most likely have sleep apnea, and should get a sleep study.
August 31, 2013

2.   Obesity and Low Back Pain: Is There a Weight of Evidence to Support a Positive Relationship?
   Obesity and back pain are correlated. For each pound you lose, your risk or severity of back pain goes down by 1% (roughly)!
August 31, 2013

1.   Diet and vitamin D as risk factors for lung impairment and COPD.
   Chronic lung disease. Add it to the list of things that seem to be helped by eating a diet rich in plant-based foods like fruits. Also, "Higher intakes of vitamin D have been associated with better lung function and a lower prevalence of COPD".
November 13, 2013

2.   Prevention of Colorectal Cancer: The Future Is Now
   Wow interesting paper. There is more you can do to prevent colon cancer than I knew about. For example aspirin, NSAID drugs, and the diabetic drug metformin significantly reduce your risk of colon cancer, like 30-50%. The evidence is strong that red and processed meats increase your risk. A sedentary lifestyle is a huge risk factor. Get physically active and reduce your colon cancer by as much as 46%. Let's not forget the important role of colon screening. If you were going to pick 1 cancer to screen for, this would be the one. Many people are unaware that in addition to the standard colonoscopy, stool card testing is an alternative approved screening method.
December 9, 2013

1.   The effectiveness of helmets in bicycle collisions with motor vehicles: a case-control study.
   Cyclists who got in accidents with a car were 74% less likely to have a head injury if they were wearing a bike helmet.
August 29, 2013

2.   Occupational safety and health enforcement tools for preventing occupational diseases and injuries.
   Review of the 23 studies: "Inspections decrease injuries in the long term but not in the short term.... First inspections, follow-up inspections, complaint and accident inspections resulted in higher compliance rates... There is an urgent need for better designed evaluations" Maybe DuPont could publish a study on the effectiveness of its safety culture and its inspections to prevent injury.
September 4, 2013

1.   Note: High frequency vibration rejection using a linear shaft actuator-based image stabilizing device via vestibulo-ocular reflex adaptation control method.
   Say that 3 times fast.
September 8, 2013

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